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You won't find a more experienced team of instructors!  We've been training and teaching in multiple styles since childhood.  

We believe in never-ending improvement -we are still learning and practicing...

We lead by example!

Classes at WVMA are aimed at helping people stay healthy and increase their inner strength, while learning an ancient art forms.  

Find out how your family can join together!

Get ready for personal growth, to get fit, learn new skills, and to feel amazing! 


Sensei Joel Garcia

Kickboxing Instructor

A well experienced martial artist and instructor that has trained and learned from some of the best such as Denis Kang from the UFC. Sensei Joel is our main kids and teens kickboxing instructor and WVMA's birthday party inbasiter. He also teaches some kids bjj classes and is currently training towards his purple belt. Originally from Venezuela Joel has a soft and caring approach with students but don't let it fool you he'll wip you or your child into shape in no time! He shines in helping to boost children's confidence, focus, respect and social behavior all while teaching techniques that could save their butt in an assault or bullying situation! 

Joel also does Raki and energy healing sessions as well as strength and conditioning private martial arts and self defence lessons for all ages and abilities.

Professor CJ Strongheart

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Prof. CJ is a highly decorated jiu jitsu and MMA competitor that loves to share his knowledge! He's earned himself a shoebox of gold medals, a North American NAGA first place samurai sword  and a number of championship belts over his 15 year career. He stands as our most accomplished and well rounded fighters at the academy. If you need to learn to fight for your life or become a professional combat athlete CJ is the coach you need! He holds the rank of bjj black belt (1st degree) under the world famous MMA "One Fighting champion", lightweight champ Bibiano Fernandes "The Flash". CJ teaches advanced and fundamental bjj as well as kickboxing and can also be booked for both children and adult private lessons in the arts of - Judo, bjj, wrestling, kickboxing, muay thai, boxing, mma and self defence.

Professor Jeff Meszaros

BJJ Instructor and Black Belt

Prof. Jeff is our highest ranking instructor with 3 degrees on his bjj black belt equating to about 30 years of training. He is a lifelong martial artist who which also holds a few other black and brown belts in various martial arts.Master Carlos Gracie himself tied Jeff black belt on after trying many years with Gracie Barra. He's a 15 year certified IBJJF veteran referee that still travels and refs many tournaments. Jeff is a former MMA commentator and writer for a number of martial art publication and currently has a youtube channel called jeffjitsu where you can see his techniques taught at WVMA, hear his interesting stories and watch some amazing matches he has reffed! Jeff teaches only bjj fundamentals on Sundays at 10am teen/adult and one kids class. Hes available for private bjj and judo lessons.

Coach Scott Piccott

WVMA Director

Scott currently holds the rank of second degree bjj brown belt. For having started martial arts in his 30's he's accomplished a lot in 10 years. He's fought in over 10 bjj tournaments, won gold in the absolute open weight division and completed the Gracie Academy Combatives Program and received his sport purple belt and instructor certification from Gracie Barra and more recently his brown belt from Prof. Filip, owner of Roll Academy. Scott has also done bjj in 5 countries and is a certified autism approved instructor. Furthermore Scott acquired WVMA in 2019 while only holding a purple belt rank and has held the position of academy director for 5 years. He teaches bjj teen/adult class on Tuesdays with the goal of bettering our community one student at a time! Scott has a tactful and gentle approach.

Coach Asher (picture comming)

Although born across the bridge Asher was raised here on the north shore. After experiencing bullying at a young age he decided to do something about it and learn to defend himself. He fell in love with the arts and spent countless ours on the mat learning techniques and sparing in both KB and BJJ. He's a current competitor with some solid wins under his belt. Asher enjoys teaching all age ranges and embodies an up beat personality with the patients and understanding of each of his students needs and goals. He is always willing to go the extra mile to assure his classes are educational, enjoyable and most of all safe. He takes under his wing a select amount of students for private lessons that may have competitive desires or special needs. Western boxing and freestyle wrestling are also passions of his.


“When I first went to WVMA back in January 2014, I had no idea that I would not only find a great place to workout, but also a new community of people to share in life’s trials and tribulations.

WVMA has become a major part of my life, both athletically and personally. The cardio-kickboxing program has kept me fit and challenged me both physically and mentally. And the people I’ve met, and become friends with, have made this dojo my “happy place”.

No matter what your skill level, or past experience, WVMA is always a welcoming place. If you want to workout hard, push yourself, be challenged, and meet great people in the process, this is the place for you.


Sensei’s Dean and Curtis keep workouts fresh and dynamic, and the energy high. I’m so grateful for these last few years with WVMA. Thank you for being my Happy Place!” 

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